Service Sunday

25 April 2017

Dhamma enriches our spiritual path

Report by Megan.

On the Full-moon Uposatha of 12 March, Nalandians and devotees dedicated the whole day to cultivating their minds at Nalanda Centre.  The day was designated a ‘Dhamma-Sarana Day’; the programme included the observance of Eight-Precepts, Dhamma teachings by venerable monks, and meditation sessions.

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14 April 2017

The wealth of contentment

On Sunday 5 March, Achariya Tan Siang Chye gave a Dhamma talk on the happiness and wealth we can gain from contentment.  In an age of uber-materialism, many societies suffer from perpetual discontent due to endless cravings that bring about unwholesome states to our mind.  In a futile search for happiness through mundane pleasures of the senses, we find that whatever ‘happiness’ we gain is transient and fleeting. Is there hope for any lasting, stable happiness?

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8 April 2017

Going beyond mundane happiness

On Sunday 26 February, Nalandians and devotees gathered at our spiritual home to observe the monthly ‘Samaggi Day’.  Through a profound Dhamma teaching, Nalanda founder Bro. Tan led the congregation in exploring the question, ‘what lies beyond happiness?’

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3 April 2017

Worldly and spiritual prosperity

Report by Megan.

On Sunday 5 February, Datuk Charlie Chia spoke about the importance of both worldly and spiritual wealth for lay people. He said that having the right measure in both kinds of wealth is important along one’s journey of cultivation.

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17 March 2017

Dhamma talk by Ven. Seelananda

This Sunday, we invite you to participate in our Sunday Morning Service at Nalanda Centre with meditation, offerings, and Pāli chanting, followed by another Dhamma talk by Ven. T. Seelananda Mahathera.

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11 March 2017

‘Dhamma-Sarana Day’

12 March 2017 is ‘Dhamma-Sarana Day’ – it is the full-moon on a Sunday – and we encourage devotees to spend morning till evening at Nalanda Centre learning, practising, and contemplating the Dhamma.

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9 March 2017

Happiness at Home

Report by Megan.

On Sunday 15 January, seasoned Dhamma speaker Datuk Charlie Chia was invited to present a talk themed ‘Happiness at Home’. The family is a very important aspect of our lives.  Whatever the events that transpired throughout the day, every householder would definitely feel most recharged coming back to a peaceful and harmonious home.

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21 February 2017

First Sunday gathering of 2017

1 January is certainly an important date as it marks the first day of the New Year; but for Nalandians, it is also the ‘birthday’ of Nalanda Dhamma School.

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2 February 2017

The most powerful person in the world

Report by Chan Jia Xin.

On Sunday 27 November, Nalandians came together on ‘Samaggi Day’ for a Dhamma talk by Nalanda founder Bro. Tan on what constitutes ‘true power’.  Many people have the impression that ‘the most powerful person in the world’ is qualified by political position, wealth, the possession of weaponry, etc.  However, Bro. Tan said that this is merely a superficial and worldly view of ‘power’.

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1 February 2017

Nalanda Centre reopens 2 February

We are happy to inform you that Nalanda Centre, Youth Centre and Pustaka Nalanda (the Library) in Sri Serdang will resume operations tomorrow after the week-long Lunar New Year celebrations.

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