A night of togetherness

A night well spent with good friends at the simple but meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival celebration

On Saturday 21 September, Nalandian youths celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival at K. Sri Dhammananda Centre with good friends.  The evening started with a workshop conducted by Sis. Sunanda on ‘Meaningful Friendship’.  Through experiential activities, participants learned about the qualities of a true friend, as preached by the Buddha in the Mitta Sutta (AN7.35).

After the workshop, everyone enjoyed a simple potluck dinner, followed by a lantern-lit walk around the neighbourhood.  Camaraderie amongst the youths grew stronger as songs and laughter filled the cool evening air.  We thank everyone for making this simple gathering a joyful and meaningful one!

Sis. Sunanda sharing that a friend endowed with seven qualities as advised by the Buddha is worth associating with.

Participants celebrating friendship as they sang the song ‘My Beautiful Friend’.