Another Meaningful Session of Induction Programme

Sis. Nandini showing new devotees the 'Persada Kencana Sri Dhammaraja' Altar at Nalanda Centre.

On Sunday 2 March, participants of the ‘Svagatam’ Induction Programme gathered at Nalanda Centre for their third session of joyful learning.  Sis. Nandini Tan shared about the true meaning and right attitude of ‘Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels’.  This was followed by an enlightening tour of Nalanda’s main shrine – ‘Vihara Sri Suvarnabhumi ’.  Participants were delighted to learn the real spirit of ‘Taking Refuge’, and to know the rich Buddhist symbolism incorporated into the interior design of Nalanda Centre.  Sadhu!

Sis. Nandini showing some of the rich Buddhist symbolism found at Nalanda Centre.