Boost for Wisdom Park from Singapore

Dhamma talk at Buddhist Fellowship, Singapore.

Bro.Tan giving a Dhamma talk at Buddhist Fellowship, Singapore on 25 October.

The Wisdom Park project recently got a boost from members of Buddhist Fellowship (BF) Singapore! Hearing about the project in October, BF Deputy President Bro. Jerry Ong and several enthusiastic members immediately set about a donation drive.

While Bro. Tan was in Singapore for a Dhamma talk on 25 October, BF President Bro. Wilson Ang and Bro. Jerry Ong handed him the donation on behalf of BF donors for purchasing part of the land for Wisdom Park. It was really a wonderful gesture and fine example of selfless support towards a worthy cause.

Dhamma talk in Singapore.

Bro.Tan spoke about the fundamentals of Buddhist practice and cultivation.

Bro. Tan in thanking the donors in Singapore said that although there are countries and international borders that separate people into different nationalities, Buddhism has no such boundaries and divisions. There are no differences between people of various nations in seeking wisdom and trying to end suffering. A good teacher in Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia or anywhere at all will benefit Buddhists in Singapore, and vice versa.

Donation by BF members to Wisdom Park.

BF President Bro. Wilson Ang (middle) and Deputy President Bro. Jerry Ong (left) presenting a donation to Wisdom Park on behalf of BF members.

Thanking BF members for their generous support.

Bro.Tan said that Buddhism has no borders and nationalities. Good Dhamma teachers will benefit many people across nations.

Bro. Tan expressed his deep gratitude and appreciation to the donors on behalf of the Malaysian Buddhist community and generations of people to come, as Wisdom Park will still be benefiting future generations in untold ways. Sadhu anumodana to all our BF and Singaporean friends for supporting Wisdom Park!