Bro.Tan to visit Kuala Terengganu

Bro. Tan will deliver three talks on his upcoming Dhamma tour of Terengganu.  All are welcome!

Nalanda founder Bro. Tan will be visiting Kuala Terengganu for two days on 7 – 8 September to deliver several Dhamma talks in Mandarin and Hokkien at the invitation of the local community.

The schedule of his talks is as follows:

Thursday, 7 September | 8.00 pm | Suttarama Buddhist Centre
Topic : “因缘法的理论与实践”
Friday, 8 September | 1.30 pm | Bodhi Vihara 菩提精舍
Topic : “如何处理日常生活中的烦恼?”
Friday, 8 September | 8.00 pm | Terengganu Buddhist Association 登嘉楼佛教会
Topic : “如何解决轮回之苦?”

This marks Bro. Tan’s first visit to the east coast state in five years.  All are welcome!