Bro. Tan visits Central Java

Venerable Sri Paññavaro presenting a wonderful book on 'Borobudur' to Pustaka Nalanda.

Last week, Nalanda Founder Bro. H S Tan made another visit to Magelang, Central Java, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Tee Kian, Dr. and Mrs. Ling.  Bro. Tan had a fruitful audience with the Most Venerable Sri Paññavaro Mahathero, formerly the Sangha Nāyaka of Indonesia, where they discussed several issues concerning Buddhism in both countries.  Venerable Paññavaro and Bro. Tan also exchanged historical notes on the Srivijaya Empire and King Chulalongkorn’s visit to Java a century ago.  The meeting took place just after Bhante’s ‘Pavarana’ Ceremony, marking the end of ‘Vassana‘ (Rains Retreat).

Venerable Sri Paññavaro exchanging notes with Bro.Tan at Vihara Mendut, Magelang.

Bro. Tan extended Nalanda’s invitation to Venerable Sri Paññavaro to visit Malaysia next year.  In return, Venerable Paññavaro invited Bro. Tan to visit Buddhist educational institutions in East Java.  The ever-generous Venerable Paññavaro also presented several gifts to Nalanda Institute, including a stone replica of the Asokan Lion Pillar of Vesali, a recording of the 2,600th Anniverary of Buddhism sermon in Mendut, a copy of King Chulalongkorn’s travel diary to Java, and a comprehensive book on Borobudur.

Bro. Tan visits Venerable Sri Paññavaro and the Indonesian Sangha elders annually to discuss pertinent issues affecting Buddhism, and to exchange notes on historical and archaeological findings in both countries.  Bro. Tan later took the opportunity to visit Candi Borobudur and Candi Sewu to see the progress of restoration works there.  The secondary emblem of Nalanda Buddhist Society is modeled after the elegant Candi Perwara of Sewu.

Bro. Tan also took time to visit Candi Sewu near Yogjakarta to see the progress of restoration works. It will take considerable time, effort, and resources to restore the once impressive and magnificent Buddhist temple complex of Sewu.