Building Progress – 120 days on, 60 left to go!

Building Progress – 120 days on, 60 left to go!

The flat roof under construction. In the background are hostels and the Engineering Faculty of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) 2.5km away.

Today, we reached the 120th day milestone since the Nalanda Centre Building Expansion Project began.  In another 60 days, the construction and renovation work would be wholly completed.  We are happy and thankful that the project is on schedule and progressing well, and furthermore with a perfect safety record!  The building construction is now concentrated at Level 4.  With the floor slab completed, the workers are busy working on the roof structure presently.

Bro. Tan (right) and Chairman of the Building Committee Bro. Mittananda Chong surveying the flat roof.

Nalanda’s Building Fund is however still short of RM540,060.  We would like to appeal for your funding and support towards this noble project as the Centre will benefit the entire community.  Donations and sponsorships of any amount are most welcome in the name of “Nalanda Buddhist Society”.  We thank everyone for your continued good wishes and support for the building expansion project.   With deep appreciation and mettā!

Sunset over nearby Bukit Serdang - a beautiful and reflective time of the day - viewed from Nalanda Centre's rooftop.