Countdown to Nalanda’s 10th Anniversary

The Late Ven. K Sri Dhammananda delivering a talk and officiating the opening of Nalanda Dharma Centre on 1 May 2003.

There are 10 days left till 1 May 2013, when Nalanda celebrates its 10th Anniversary.  We would like to share with you some archival photographs that chronicle our journey thus far.

Nalanda Buddhist Society was founded in 2003 by a group of young students and professionals who share a common ideal and belief in providing holistic education to achieve integral human development.  Led by founder Bro.Tan Ho Soon, Nalanda has successfully organised many educational programmes and galvanised many Buddhists towards personal transformation!  Today, Nalanda has achieved national acclaim as a leading organisation representing the Pāli School of Theravada Buddhism in Malaysia.

The name ‘Nalanda’ was actually bestowed by the Late Ven. Dr. K Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Thero, one of Bro.Tan’s prominent teachers. Bro.Tan had intended to register the newly-established association simply as ‘Sri Serdang Buddhist Centre’, denoting its location.  But by changing its name to ‘Nalanda’, Ven. K Sri Dhammananda had probably envisioned something greater for this group of young Buddhists, and thus set the path the Society was to follow until presently!

Bro.Tan welcoming the Late Ven. K Sri Dhammananda to Sri Serdang in 2000. Back then, Bro.Tan often arranged for and accompanied the inspiring late Sangha-Nayaka to teach Dhamma to students in universities in the Klang Valley. Given the venerable's failing health then, Bro.Tan took over some of the teaching duties, something he does until today.