Dhamma-chat with Bro. Tan in Singapore

One for the album - with members of Mindful Circle and Buddhist Fellowship Singapore.

Bro. Tan made a brief visit to Singapore recently to engage in a ‘Dhamma-chat’ with members of the Mindful Circle, which comprise of youths and young working adults in their late teens to early thirties.  The Dhamma-chat was held at Buddhist Fellowship (BF) West Centre.  A number of BF members also took the opportunity to attend the sharing session.

The ‘Sutta’ (Pāli discourse) discussed by the youths that evening was from Anguttara Nikaya’s “Book of Four”, on the ‘four types of thoroughbred horses’– which talks about the four categories of good practitioners.  Bro. Tan gave a wonderful elucidation on the meaning of a ‘thoroughbred’, and the reason behind the Buddha’s use of that analogy.  It was an engaging and inspiring session of spiritual discussion indeed.

"Before we think of being a good practitioner, it is important to know what 'practice' actually means." - Bro. Tan

After the discussions, Bro. Tan was invited to lead the congregation in meditation, followed by recitation of blessings to the people affected by the missing MH370.  ‘Sabbe satta khemino hontu’ – may all beings be safe and secure!  Nalanda would like to thank the Buddhist Fellowship, Mindful Circle, and Bro. Teo Yew Thong and Sis. Serena for kindly hosting Bro. Tan in Singapore.  Sadhu anumodana!

Bro. Tan leading the dedication of merits and the recitation of blessings for victims of MH370.