Dhamma teachings in Kelantan

Everyone is welcome to attend the teaching sessions to be delivered in Kelantanese Hokkien.

Nalanda founder Bro.Tan will make a 3-day visit to Kelantan starting tomorrow for Dhamma teachings.  This time, he will be speaking in Chinese and Siamese villages at the outskirts of Kota Bharu.  The talks will be delivered in Kelantanese Hokkien.


We welcome everyone to attend the sessions at the following times and venues:


Thursday, 7 June | 8.00 pm

SJKC Poy Hwa, Pasir Parit, Pasir Mas


Friday, 8 June | 9.00 am

Wat Chinpradittharam, Tendong, Pasir Mas


Friday, 8 June | 8.00 pm

Wat Ariyakiri, Kg. Aril, Bachok


Saturday, 9 June | 8.00 am

Bukit Kecil Meditation Centre, Temangan, Machang


Sadhu anumodana!