Dharma School ‘Teenage’ Lion Dance Troupe

Dharma School ‘Teenage’ Lion Dance Troupe

The two 'lions' greeting National Service trainees attending Sunday Service at Nalanda Centre.

Nalanda Dharma School students have been practicing hard over the past few weeks, refining their moves for the Lunar New Year ‘Lion Dance’ performance next month!  On 26 January, the troupe of seven boys had the opportunity to test their skills by performing for National Service trainees having their Sunday Service at Nalanda Centre.

Two prancing lions, accompanied by a drummer and two cymbal players, surprised everyone with a spirited routine, and even executed quite a few nimble stunts, much to the delight of everyone watching!  It was a great trial performance indeed, and we long to see the ‘final choreography’ in February.

The troupe did a wonderful performance with some nimble stunts! One 'lion' does a high-leap, while the other waits on the ground.

Nalanda Dharma School wishes everyone a “Happy New Year”, and safe journeying back to your hometowns.  See you when Nalanda Centre reopens on 4 February.  Do join us for the first School session of the New Year season on 9 February, where we are going to have the traditional ‘Tea Ceremony’.  All are welcome!

The wonderful 'teenage Lion Dance' troupe - (back row from left) Jun Yin, Yi Kang, Hop Ian, Neville; (front row from left) Brendan, Jia Ann, and Chan Yu. Well done!