Display this symbol of Buddhist unity

Let us fly the Buddhist flag this ‘Buddha Day’.  May the Buddha-Sāsana long endure!

In the past, devotees would hang colourful Buddhist flags around temples as Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ was approaching.  This year, under the shadows of a pandemic and the national lock-down, celebrations will undoubtedly be very subdued.  Buddhist centres are not putting up the flags because religious gatherings are still not allowed this month in Malaysia.

Nevertheless, we can still put up the Buddhist flags at home – at the gate, front porch or balcony.  Buddhist flags symbolise the peaceful spirit of Buddhism that embraces its diverse traditions.  All traditions of Buddhism emphasise the overcoming of suffering through compassion and wisdom.  All Buddhists abhor violence and hatred.

When we put up the Buddhist flag at home, we are united in spirit with the millions of Dhamma friends around the world.  Let us not miss out in displaying the Buddhist flag joyfully this ‘Buddha Day’.  May the Buddha-Sāsana long endure!


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