Episode 2 of “Nalanda TV” on air!

We are pleased to present Episode 2 of NALANDA TV today!  This episode features recent happenings at Nalanda, and interviews with Ven. Sing Kan, Ven. Neishu of Japan, and Chairman of Nalanda Building Committee Bro. Mittananda Chong.

Click on the screen below to enjoy watching!


Credits to Producer/Editor Bro. Andrew Tan | Archive Manager Bro. Gan Jia Cheng | Communications Manager Bro. J. J. Tan | Presenter Sis. Ng Xeyiing | Contributors : Lim Teik Leong, Charlie Teng, Ng Eek Chon, Losel Chuah, and Sis. Lee Jia Hwa.  Thank you all!