Faith in Buddha-Dhamma

Faith in Buddha-Dhamma

Bro. Ananda explains that most of our unhappiness is caused by our misunderstanding of things as they truly are.

On Sunday 9 February, Bro. Ananda Fong delivered a Dhamma talk on ‘Saddhā in Buddha-Dhamma’.  ‘Saddhā’, a Pāli word, refers to faith or confidence in the Three Jewels.  We develop this confidence by learning what the Buddha taught and more importantly, by applying the teachings and values in our daily lives.

When we experience for ourselves the happiness that comes from cultivating values such as compassion and gratitude, we develop faith and confidence in Dhamma.  We also gain an eagerness to deepen our learning and practice of the Dhamma, which gradually leads to the strengthening of our ‘saddhā’.

Devotees start the service with a short meditation session.

The service continues with offerings to the Three Jewels and chanting.

Everyone wishes for happiness and joy, but many people are dissapointed because they look for it in transient things.

Bro. Ananda reminds us that our confidence in Buddha-Dhamma must be centred on Right Understanding of the Buddha’s teachings.  May we be diligent in our study and practice of the Dhamma to journey with good friends towards liberation from suffering.