Firefly Mission Singapore’s first Dhamma Camp at Wisdom Park

Firefly Mission Singapore’s first Dhamma Camp at Wisdom Park

Happy to host our kalyana mittas from Singapore on their yearly merit-making trip to Malaysia.

From 2 to 4 November, Firefly Mission Singapore descended upon Wisdom Park to learn and reflect on the Buddha’s Teachings with good friends.  The 3-day 2-night Dhamma Camp was a welcomed respite for the group who better connected not just with themselves, but also with nature.

Diving deeper into the practice of dāna, sīla and bhāvana (giving, morality and mental development), the group revisited these Buddhist tenets and how they can transform dissatisfactions and unease in our daily life, into peace and inner joy.  Through experiential learning and talks, many felt reinvigorated and recharged to walk the spiritual path.

Upon arriving at Wisdom Park, the group made offerings to the Three Jewels.

An introductory and briefing session at the start of the Camp.

Sis. Nandini Tan brings the group on a tour of the campus.

Firefly friends also made time to do service and planted trees.

Dr. Chen also hosted the tour, and provided more information about the flora at the campus.

Visiting the tree that the group planted a year ago.

We rejoice with our friends from Firefly for their keen learning, and also in their initiatives to effect so many educational and social improvements for communities around the world.  Our appreciation goes out to all of you for your camaraderie over the years, and we look forward to hosting you again soon.  Sadhu anumodana.

Having a Dhamma Chat with Sis. Nandini and Sis. Paru.

A Dhamma talk followed the evening chanting and meditation.

Morning meditation at one of the pavilions.

Working together to plant a tree to rejuvenate the ecosystem.

Hands on learning with outdoor activities which prompted reflection.

Wishing our friends a safe journey before they continued their journey to Taiping.

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