Happy 12th ‘Nalanda Day’!

Happy 12th ‘Nalanda Day’!

President Sis. Evelyn Chow presenting the leadership's message to Nalandians on 'Nalanda Day' 2015.

Today marks Nalanda Buddhist Society’s 12th Anniversary since our establishment on 1 May 2003.  With much appreciation, the Board of Management and Nalanda members would like to thank our Founder Bro. Tan for his great leadership, guidance and advice throughout these years.

We would also like to record our deepest gratitude to Nalanda’s benefactors, donors, supporters, volunteers and everyone, past or present, who have contributed to the growth of Nalanda, and thus indirectly, to the development of Buddhist education.

Nalandians pledge to work together in ‘Samaggi’ (unity and harmony) to move forward and upward towards greater achievements in the fields of education, training, and Dhamma propagation.  Thank you all, and may you ever be well, happy, and peaceful.

Happy ‘Nalanda Day’!