Happy Teacher’s Day!

Message by Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama, Chairman of Nalanda Education Committee

Achariya Vijaya and Bro. Tan with Dhamma Speakers (kneeling from left) Bro. Ananda Fong, Bro. Benny Liow, Sis. Sunanda Ong, and Sis. Nandini Tan at Nalanda Centre today.

Teacher’s Day is an important occasion on Nalanda Buddhist Society’s annual calendar because we are an educational institution.  Without education, we cannot have a civilization.

Many great teachers in the world have things in common.  But whom do I mean by ‘great teachers’?  The Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Prophet Mohammad were among them.  They went teaching the masses barefooted; they didn’t earn a penny from teaching others; and none of them became rich materially.

However, millions of people around the world follow them until this day.  Why is that so?  Because they were great teachers – they worshipped knowledge and shared this knowledge with others.  And nothing can be more dignified or sacred than sharing knowledge because it opens up people’s minds to the possibilities of humanity.

Teachers are not just confined to classrooms.  Parents, religious leaders, those who give us informal education – they are teachers, too.  Let’s celebrate and honour all of them not just today, but in every day of our lives.

Happy Teacher’s Day!