Walk in Peace, with faith and devotion

Every year, the community gathers to join the procession in honour of the Buddha.

We invite you and your loved ones to join the ‘Buddha Day’ Heritage Procession at Nalanda Centre this Sunday 19 May at 7.00 pm.  This unique cultural and spiritual experience attracts thousands of participants yearly, who walk in faith to honour the Buddha.

The Buddha’s Sacred Relic will lead the procession in Sri Serdang, carried with reverence by devotees on a specially made wooden sedan.  The relic is escorted on its 1.6km route by colourful parasols and followed closely by devotees holding candle-lights.

We also invite you to join the learning programmes on 18 and 19 May comprising Dhamma talks, Sutta Study and exhibitions.  Programme details are available here .  All are welcome!