Insightful Sunday talk by Bro. Tan

Bro. Tan elaborated on the seven stages of purification, quoting from ‘Rathavinīta Sutta’ – (MN No. 24).

On Sunday 22 March, Bro. Tan gave an insightful Dhamma talk on practising Dhamma, which begins with the purification of ‘Sīla’ (morality).  Basic Dhamma education is a way to teach people about understanding their personal and moral responsibilities, to uplift them, and to make them wholesome beings.  Bro. Tan also elaborated on the seven stages of purification, quoting from ‘Rathavinīta Sutta’ – ‘The Relay Chariots’ (Majjhima Nikaya No. 24).

This is the gradual course of practising Dhamma to its complete fruition – in stages from one to seven.  The first stage is ‘Sīla visuddhi’ – purification of morality; second stage is ‘Citta visuddhi’ – purification of mental processes and thoughts; third stage is ‘Ditthi visuddhi’ – purification of views; fourth stage is ‘Kankhā vitarana visuddhi’ – purification by overcoming doubt.

Everyone calming the mind with meditation before the commencement of ‘Service Sunday’.

The fifth stage is ‘Maggāmagga ñāna dassana’ – purification by knowledge of ‘what is path’ and ‘what is not path’ (i.e., the path of liberation from ‘Samsara’); sixth stage is ‘Patipadā ñāna dassana visuddhi’– purification by knowledge and realisation of the stages of practice, including the knowledge of arising and passing away; and the seventh stage is ‘ñāna dassana visuddhi’– purification by understanding reality.  By practising through the stages, we will gain freedom from all defilements, and be liberated from suffering.

Mr. Lee from Kelantan (front right) making offerings to the 'Three Jewels'.

Bro. Tan also welcomed a dozen Kelantanese Dhamma School teachers in the audience who happened to be on a learning visit to Nalanda.  Bro. Tan praised them for being passionate and diligent in providing Dhamma education in Kelantan and we were glad to have them join us for ‘Service Sunday’.

Bro. Choong Li (front left) and Bro. Ajita (front right) leading the chanting.

We thank Bro. Tan for bringing this important aspect of Dhamma to our awareness for proper practice.  The weekly Service Sunday concluded joyfully with dedication of merits to all beings.  Sadhu anumodana.

Sis. Tanisha, a representative of the Kelantanese teachers, thanked Nalanda for the warm hospitality and learning gained during their visit.