Inspiring “Mother’s Day” talk by Bro. Tan

Bro. Tan spoke about how families can grow in happiness and success guided by Dhamma principles.

Bro. Tan gave an inspiring talk on parenthood in conjunction with “Mother’s Day” on Sunday, 10 May.  He said that parents no doubt want to give the best to their children, with the wish that they become ‘successful’ in life.  However, ‘success’ should not be measured solely with worldly expectations such as wealth, fame, and popularity.

A person with worldly ‘success’ is still subjected to various mental suffering and stress.  Hence, parents should inculcate Dhamma in their children so as to help them gain a sense of purpose in life, spiritual strength to face adversities, and ample reflective wisdom.

Mrs. Choo urged everyone present to 'taste the Dhamma', and not the 'drama' in life.

Good parenting involves guiding children on a firm path to grow wiser.  It helps when parents show great example to their children in virtuous conduct, speech, the right views they hold, and the righteous values they cherish.  Children in turn, can also return their parents’ love by giving them the ‘gift of Dhamma’.  When the family lives in accordance to Dhamma, we often witness much harmony, joy, and peace.

Nalanda Dharma School students led the recitation of verses of blessings to wish their mothers the best of health, joy and wisdom.

Bro. Tan concluded by wishing all mothers a happy and meaningful “Mother’s Day”, and the blessings of the Three Jewels.  Sadhu anumodana!