K. Sri Dhammananda 15th Memorial Day

Ven. Dhammananda was tireless in his propagation of the Buddha’s words for the benefit and well-being of others. We are ever grateful for his compassion. May he attain the highest bliss of Peace.

31 August 2021 marks 15 years since the passing away of Venerable Dr. Kirinde Sri Dhammananda Nāyaka Thero.  Venerable Dhammananda spent most of his life building and nourishing the growth of the Theravāda Buddhist community in Malaysia.  Under his spiritual leadership, many Buddhist societies were established since the 1960s and continue to benefit Dhamma learners and practitioners today.

To pay tribute to Venerable Dhammananda, we encourage everyone to read a Dhamma book or listen to a recorded talk of the late venerable, and dedicate merits to him with much gratitude.  May we heed his words to live in accordance with Dhamma and embody the spirit of harmony, unity and compassion for all beings.

“Ultimately, it is bliss to know that ‘happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself’.  The world may not be what you want it to be but you can tune your heart to find happiness within it.”