‘Mangala Sutta’ Commentary Course with Bro. Tan


Bro. Ajit led chanting before the commencement of the course.

Nalanda Youth Centre commenced their 4-session ‘Mangala Sutta’ Commentary Course from 15 – 16; and 29 – 30 August, fully guided by Nalanda Founder, Bro. Tan.  The purpose of the course aims to improve the youth’s knowledge and practice of the Dhamma.

‘Mangala Sutta’ was chosen as it forms the basis of Buddhist Education.  Bro. Tan explained in detail the thirty-eight Supreme Blessings found in the ‘Sutta’.  He shared many examples on how the Dhamma can be applied in our daily living so that we can lead a blessed and happy life.  The Supreme Blessings are gained through self-cultivation and not through external factors like praying to certain deities or believing in certain kind of rituals.


Bro. Tan shared many examples on how the Dhamma can be applied in our daily lives.

At the end of the first two sessions, the youths took the opportunity to seek clarification with Bro. Tan.  Many youths were inspired by the practicality and timeless teachings of the Buddha.  This course was also timely and beneficial for the youths who will be leaving for study abroad as reminder and inspiration for spiritual cultivation.


Bro. Tan explaining the ‘Mangala Sutta’ verses in detail.

We thank Bro. Tan for the insightful teachings and guidance.  May the youths continue their Dhamma learning and practice with much understanding and appreciation.  Sadhu!


Souvenir for youth Min Li before she left for study abroad. May the blessings of the Three Jewels be upon her!