Nalanda Dharma School Honours Day & 8th Anniversary Observance

All in the family! The Nalanda Dharma School Honours Day falls on 31 December annually.

On the last day of 2012, members of Nalanda Dharma School came together for the perfect reunion, the School Honours Day!  This year, it was a big family gathering with the addition of junior students from Nalanda Education & Outreach (NEO) Centre in Happy Garden.  It is a day for all to reflect and also rejoice over the commitment to learning they have put in throughout the year.

The preparation for School Honours Day started on 29 December 2012 with students from both Naga House and Garuda House staying in at Nalanda Centre.  Volunteering to take over organising the event from facilitators, the students carried out the evening’s programme wonderfully with performances to entertain everyone during dinner time.

Junior students performing with joy and enthusiasm.

On this joyous occasion, several awards and recognitions were presented to the students. Naga House clinched the coveted Dhammavijaya Challenge Trophy by winning 211 points more than Garuda House!

Year 2012 medalists and excellence award recipients were:-
Gold Medalists : Fong Lih Herng & Chan Zhen Shun
Silver Medalists : Ho Yuan Zhan, Choo Yi Kang & Lim Ajit
Bronze Medalists : Liew Qian Yu, Liew Xuan Wei, Ng Xelynn,
Nicholas Lee, Neville Lee & Lim Jie Sheng
Best Overall Student : Fong Lih Herng
Most Improved Students : Tai Wei Jun (Junior Group) & Chan Yu (Senior Group)


Doing their School proud - the gold, silver, and bronze medalists of 2012.

The next day, 1st January 2013, marked the 8th Anniversary of Nalanda Dharma School.  The School facilitators observed the anniversary meaningfully by performing wholesome deeds and offering dana to the Sangha members at Wat Chetawan in Petaling Jaya.

Facilitators of Nalanda Dharma School visiting Wat Chetawan.

Wishing Nalanda Dharma School Happy 8th Anniversary!  May all Nalanda Dharma School members continue to progress on their path to well-being!