Nalanda Institute’s 5th Anniversary

1 July

Sis. Sandy Lim (first from left), Head of the Buddhist & Pāëi Studies Department, introducing the other Nalanda Institute officers to the gathering.

1 July 2012 marked the 5th Anniversary of Nalanda Institute Malaysia. We were very grateful for the presence of our Founding Director, Bro. Tan Ho Soon; Director, Mr.Vijaya Samarawickrama; and Senior Management Lecturer, Mr. Tan Huat Chye, on this anniversary observance day.

Nalanda Institute has been organising courses, study tours, pilgrimages and conferences under both the Department of Buddhist & Pāëi Studies and Department of Leadership & Management Studies as part of our focus to provide proper, systematic and holistic learning of the Buddha-Dhamma in Malaysia. In the five years since our establishment, the Institute’s programmes and courses have benefited more than 7,800 people throughout the country.

Mr. Vijaya in his speech shared about the importance of understanding and propagating the correct doctrine according to the Pāëi Canon. He also emphasised that Buddhist communities need to be focused and determined to cultivate a proper learning environment based on the Buddha’s teachings. This effort has to be sustained in order not to deviate from the true teachings, despite having many influential new concepts in this fast-changing world.

With this objective in mind, Mr. Vijaya announced the Institute’s vision in embarking on the ‘Nalanda Project’, which aims to provide the local Buddhist community with easily accessible and accurate information on what the Buddha taught. Buddhist households in Malaysia shall benefit from having a complete family reference set of publications covering various aspects of Buddhism come 2013-2014.

Nalanda Institute would like to take this opportunity to thank all our visionary leaders, devoted officers, lecturers, benefactors, volunteers, and everyone who have contributed and supported the Institute thus far. In the coming years, we hope to see more people participate in our programmes and to volunteer with us in enhancing the Dhamma learning experience for
future generations of Truth-seekers. Thank you all !