Nalanda JB Officers’ Plenary Session

Nalanda JB Officers meet to plan for future programmes and directions on 29 September 2013.

It was a busy but productive Sunday for officers at NEO Centre Johor Bahru on 29 September.  After the morning service and Mandarin Talk by Bro. Tan, officers and volunteers tucked in for a pot-luck lunch.  In the afternoon, 20 Nalanda Johor Bahru officers joined Bro. Tan for a special meeting to plan programmes for the last quarter (October-December) of 2013, as well as to chart directions for 2014-2015.  With clarity of vision and purpose, the JB Branch Management would be able to lead the community progressively onward.

Bro. Tan reminded all officers present to adhere to the same Core Values as their Nalandian counterparts elsewhere.  Officers should serve with integrity, sincerity, and honorably.  On top of that, it is essential for all of us to develop a strong understanding of Buddha-Dhamma, and a solid spiritual practice as our foundation in serving the community.  In that way, we can develop a united platform based on Right Views (Sammāditthi) and common practice.

We wish all officers at Nalanda Johor Bahru a happy learning experience and joyful service!  Sadhu.