One-day Dhamma Retreat with Bro. Tan

A group photograph of participants with Bro. Tan during the “One-Day Dhamma Learning Retreat”.

On Friday 17 July, 38 ‘kalyana mitta’ (spiritual friends) from Kedah had a meaningful day, participating in the “Dhamma Learning Retreat with Bro. Tan”.  In line with the theme of the retreat “Being a Good Practitioner and Good Friend”, Bro. Tan explained  the meaning of Essential Education, the difference between ‘Dhamma’ and Buddhism, the characteristics of Buddha-Dhamma, the path of Buddhist practice: ‘Sila, Samadhi, Pañña’ and how to cultivate to become a good practitioner and good friend.

Bro. Tan quoted the ‘Sususa Sutta’ – “One Who Listens Well” from Anguttara Nikāya (AN 6.88).  For a person to be able to understand the Dhamma, one should have these six mental qualities when listening to the Dhamma: (1) he wishes to listen; (2) he pays close attention; (3) he sets his mind on understanding it; (4) he grasps the meaning correctly; (5) he discards what is worthless; and (6) he adapts a conviction that is in conformity with the teaching.  Bro. Tan inspired all to strive diligently.

Bro. Tan guiding participants in meditation.

It’s a  rare opportunity to meet a wise teacher, so the participants raised a number of questions to clear their doubts.  At the end of the programme, Bro. Seng Giap presented a token of appreciation to Bro. Tan with much gratitude and joy.  We shall meet again for Dhamma learning together with good practitioners and good friends.  Sadhu!

“Being a good practitioner, one can observe the increasing of faith, confidence, and zeal to practise”, mentioned Bro. Tan.