School Honours Day 2014

Students of the Dhamma! A happy “Family” indeed.

31 December 2014 marked the 10th Annual School Honours Day of Nalanda Dharma School. Students, facilitators, parents, and even alumni converged to celebrate and rejoice over the School’s achievements for the year.  The event was graced by Founding Director Bro. Tan and was held in the new Dhamma Preaching Hall, opened that very evening itself!

The evening began with a mindful procession of facilitators and students into the Dhamma Preaching Hall to the toiling of bells and rhythmic beating of drums.  Director of Nalanda Dharma School, Sis Sunanda then delivered an uplifting speech, including a video presentation of the many fruitful activities the students had partaken throughout the year.

The ceremony was graced upon by Founding Director, Bro. H S Tan.

Following that, the highlight of the programme took place – the Awards Ceremony, where certificates, medals, trophies and gifts were presented to students in recognition of their personal growth, improvement and selfless services towards the School.  This year, the Dhammavijaya Challenge Trophy was secured by Naga House, making it the third consecutive year of their victory!

The winner of the Dhammavijaya Challenge Trophy for 2014 - Naga House!

Students performed the dikir barat and also came up with a surprise poetry recitation to express their immense gratitude towards the selfless contributions of all the facilitators and parents.

Students paying respects to facilitators and parents out of gratitude for their continued support in their path of learning the Dhamma.

We congratulate Nalanda Dharma School for 10 years of success and fruitfulness.  Wishing the School many more such years to come!

House Captains Ho Yuan Zhan (center left) and Choo Yi Kang (center right) cutting the cake in conjunction with Nalanda Dharma School’s 10th anniversary.