Sunday Sharing on Respect with Bro. Tan

Bro. Tan mentioned that respect is shown through our conduct, speech, thoughts and attentiveness.

On Sunday 11 January, Bro. Tan gave a short but insightful sharing on respect.  The Buddha had respect and reverence for the Dhamma.  As we learn the Dhamma, we can realise the value of respect and its importance.  Respect is shown through our conduct, speech, thoughts and attentiveness.  Once we have the value of respect through much learning, all the spiritual qualities that result in joy and happiness arise in us.  Hence, it is very important to have a learning attitude.

Bro. Tan also advised us to get forward and upward to learn, to experience, explore and to live in harmony with every person, as a community and as an individual with lots of loving-kindness, care, generosity and attentiveness.  The best of education is to progress, able to learn and lead by example.  Bro. Tan concluded the sharing by wishing everyone well, healthy and much happiness in learning. Sadhu!

Nalandians and devotees wishing Bro. Tan a safe passage.

Nalandians and devotees offered a special blessing service for Bro. Tan and his entourage who were leaving on a pilgrimage to India and Nepal the next day.  All recited the “Karanīya Mettā Sutta’ and verses of blessings to wish Bro. Tan a safe and fruitful journey.

Bro. Tan advising the facilitators and students of Nalanda Dharma School.