Nalanda organised Dhammaduta missions in Malaysia or overseas.

26 October 2013

Amazing Buddhist Women of Indonesia

During his most recent tour to Indonesia, Bro. Tan took time to visit a few amazing ‘Srikandis’* in Maribaya and Klaten.  Bro. Tan first paid tribute to Venerable Bhikkhunis Ayya Santinī and Ayya Sīlavatī in Maribaya, West Java, last Wednesday.  Both Ayyas are currently the only two Theravadin bhikkhunis in Indonesia.  They conduct many meditation retreats annually at their centre, as well as travel extensively throughout the vast country to teach Dhamma.

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23 October 2013

Bro. Tan visits Central Java

Last week, Nalanda Founder Bro. H S Tan made another visit to Magelang, Central Java, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Tee Kian, Dr. and Mrs. Ling.  Bro. Tan had a fruitful audience with the Most Venerable Sri Paññavaro Mahathero, formerly the Sangha Nāyaka of Indonesia, where they discussed several issues concerning Buddhism in both countries.  Venerable Paññavaro and Bro. Tan also exchanged historical notes on the Srivijaya Empire and King Chulalongkorn’s visit to Java a century ago.  The meeting took place just after Bhante’s ‘Pavarana’ Ceremony, marking the end of ‘Vassana‘ (Rains Retreat).

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14 September 2013

Joyful ‘Dhamma’ gathering in Kedah

A packed hall of participants attended Bro. Tan’s Dhamma Talk in Sungai Petani on Friday, 13 September 2013.  Devotees from as far as Penang and Alor Setar came to listen to the teachings at Central Kedah Buddhist Association.  Bro. Tan spoke about the way to approach Dhamma – that is neither “landing short” of it, nor “over-reaching” it.  The Buddha-Dhamma is defined as a “Way leading to the cessation of craving, through gradual learning, practice and realization”.

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21 August 2013

Metta Sutta Commentarial Course in Kuching

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19 April 2013

Bro. Tan at Buddhist Fellowship Singapore

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10 March 2013

YBAM Seminar in Kedah

[From Left:] Bro. Tan, Bro. Goh (YBAM President), Bro. Tan Keng Liang (YBAM Kedah Chairman), Venerable Jue Cheng, and Dr. Hea Ai Sim were the panelists in the final discussion session.

On 8 March, the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) Kedah State Liaison Committee organised a fruitful one-day seminar to discuss the development of Buddhism in the state. This is one of the most important events in the Buddhist movement in this northern state in recent years. The seminar was held at Cinta Sayang Resort, Sungai Petani, and was participated by 230 attendees representing 33 Buddhist societies and 3 university Buddhist groups across Kedah.  Read more

31 July 2012

Metta Sutta Workshop in Terengganu

20 – 22 July

Over 3 days, Bro. Tan was invited by Gandhārama Vihāra to conduct a commentarial course on the Karaniya Mettā Sutta in Terengganu. The workshop was held at the beautiful Kenyir Lake Resort amidst peaceful surroundings. In a series of 7 talks, Bro. Tan inspired the more than 40 participants with insightful teachings and gladdened everyone’s heart with Dhamma!

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17 July 2012

“Manado Mission” fulfilled!

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