School Honours Day

Referring to Nalanda Dhamma School’s annual event to honour teachers, students, parents, and benefactors.

6 December 2023

Free School honours teachers & celebrates students

On the evening of Saturday 2 December, Nalanda Centre welcomed Free School teachers, volunteers, students and their parents for the merry occasion of the School’s Honour & Appreciation Night.  After a fruitful academic year, everyone came together to show their gratitude to the teachers, and to celebrate the students’ success stories.  Categories of awards presented to students by the teachers themselves were “Best Student Award” and “Most Improved Student Award”. 

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27 December 2017

Dhamma School ‘Honours Day’

On 31 December every year, Nalanda Dhamma School observes its “Appreciation & Honours Day” with facilitators, students and parents coming together to express their gratitude for each other, and to thank everyone’s dedication to learn the Dhamma.

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14 February 2017

Nalanda Dhamma School Honours Day

On the last day of 2016, Nalanda Dhamma School Facilitators, students and their parents, alumni, volunteers and guests gathered at Nalanda Centre for the annual School Appreciation and Honours Day.  It was an important event to celebrate the learning and progress of students throughout the year, and also to give thanks to teachers and parents who supported their learning.

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8 January 2017

School Honours Day in Johor Bahru

On Sunday 20 November, Nalanda Dhamma School in Johor Bahru celebrated the succesful completion of their second year with an “Appreciation & Honours Day”.  This year, 34 teenagers grew together with us at our spiritually-nourishing NEO Centre.

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30 December 2016

New Year Eve Chanting & Blessing

As 2016 draws to a close, let us take this opportunity to reflect, express gratitude, and radiate loving-kindness to the whole world.  We invite you to come with your family and friends to ‘calm down’ to the New Year at Nalanda Centre on Saturday, 31 December.  We shall be having the traditional meditation, chanting and blessings from 11pm to 12am on New Year’s Eve to welcome 2017.

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2 January 2014

Nalanda Dharma School 2013 Honours Day

On New Year’s Eve, all members of Nalanda Dharma School came together for the School reunion of the year.  This was the day where all members reflect and rejoice over the School’s achievements.  It was also to celebrate the contributions and progress made by students throughout the year.

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23 December 2012

Preparing Nalanda House for the New Year

Nalanda Dharma School facilitators and students are currently busy repairing, repainting and preparing Nalanda House to welcome the new school year in January 2013. Starting today and over the weekend, they are hard at work to ensure a conducive and welcoming environment for facilitators and students alike to learn the Dhamma.

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20 March 2012

Nalanda Dharma School – School Honours Day

Well done, Nalandians! 31 December is an important day for Nalanda Dharma School. This is the time when the School celebrates the contributions and progress made by students throughout the year. For 2011, the School Honours day was very different from previous years’ because this time around, it was solely organized by the students; a task previously done by School facilitators.

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