Teachers and students set off to Kelantan

Bro.Tan handing over the Buddhist flag and Nalanda flag to students.

Nalanda founder handing over the Buddhist flag and Nalanda flag to the Dhamma School students.

Yesterday (7 December) morning, 3 facilitators and 13 students from Nalanda Dhamma School (NDS) set off to Kelantan to conduct another holiday camp for teenagers.  100 Kelantanese students have registered for the camp, which is jointly organized by NDS and local Buddhist societies there.  The 3-day camp will be held in Tumpat starting today, with the theme “Cermin Hati” (“Mirror of the Heart”).  NDS Director Sis. Sunanda is the camp leader.

In 2010, Nalanda founder Bro. Tan declared Kelantan a ‘focus state’ for Nalanda programmes.  With that special designation, Nalanda is placing a lot of resources to organize many Dhamma programmes there, with NDS and Nalanda Institute taking the lead.  The aim of this strong focus is to revitalize the Buddhist community in Kelantan.

Reminder to students.

Bro. Tan advising the facilitators and students to be mindful, joyful, and helpful.

Before leaving for Kelantan this morning, the NDS facilitators and students took leave from Bro.Tan at Nalanda Centre.  He advised them to constantly be mindful and helpful, and to enjoy themselves in performing missionary activities.  We wish the Nalanda Dhamma School mission to Kelantan much joy and success!  May they have a safe and pleasant journey.  Anumodana.

Blessings for a safe journey and successful camp.

Bro. Tan offer his blessings for a safe journey and successful camp.