Ven. Mahinda visits Nalanda Centre

Bro.Tan briefing the visitors about 'Wisdom Park'.

Bro.Tan briefing Ven. Mahinda and the visitors about ‘Wisdom Park’ Project.

On Wednesday 13 January, Venerable Mahinda Māhathera, the Spiritual Director of Aloka Foundation Malaysia, visited Nalanda Centre to attend a briefing on ‘Wisdom Park’ by Nalanda founder, Bro Tan.  Ven. Mahinda was accompanied by Aloka Foundation’s Director, Bro. K. L. Lim; President of the Buddhist Missionary Society (BMS) of Malaysia, Sis. Loh Pai Ling; and Chairperson of BMS Kajang Branch, Sis. Ng Lai Peng.

Ven. Mahinda and his entourage were met on arrival by Head of Nalanda Dhamma School Sis. Sunanda and Nalandian youths.  The visitors were later brought on a tour of the Centre by Bro.Tan personally.  In all they spent more than 3 hours at Nalanda Centre, where they had a good dialogue on the ‘Wisdom Park’ project with Bro Tan.

Bro.Tan leading a tour of Nalanda Centre.

Bro.Tan leading the venerables on a tour of Nalanda Centre.

Ven. Mahinda also took the opportunity to meet with Ven. Sri Pandita Henepola Gunaratana and Ven. Mangala who were residing at Nalanda that week.  He also met with Ven. Siridhamma who happened to drop by that afternoon.  It seemed Nalanda Centre was blessed with many visiting monks that day!  We thank Ven. Mahinda, Bro. Lim, Sis. Loh, and Sis. Ng for their visit, and encouragement towards Nalanda’s educational programmes.

The visitors paying respects to Ven. Gunaratana.

The visitors paying respects to Ven. Gunaratana, who was residing at Nalanda Centre.

Ven. Mangala from the USA paying respects to Ven. Mahinda.

Ven. Mangala from the USA paying respects to Ven. Mahinda.