Wesak Observance at NEO Centre Kuala Lumpur

Wesak Observance at NEO Centre Kuala Lumpur

Venerable monk offering advice to devotees on Wesak Buddha Day, reminding everyone on the purpose of living a wholesome life.

Wesak Observance B.E. 2558 at NEO Centre Kuala Lumpur came to a joyful conclusion on Tuesday, 13 May with the offering of lunch to Sangha member and devotees. Earlier that morning, there was a delightful Dhamma talk by Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama, Director of Nalanda Institute, with the theme “Being a Good Practitioner and Friend”.

Nalanda Junior Dharma School facilitator Sis. Ai Ai leading everyone in meditation.

On Wesak Buddha Day, NEO Centre Kuala Lumpur received good support from 60 devotees and volunteers who came to pay respects and participate in the meaningful programme.  Our gratitude and appreciation to all who have participated and contributed towards making this Wesak a meaningful and joyful one!

May all of us enjoy good health and happiness from the wholesome deeds performed this Wesak.  Having renewed our aspirations, let us continue our upward strive towards greater peace and harmony.  Sadhu anumodana!

Youngsters and elders all aspire to be 'good practitioners and friends', in line with this year's Wesak Buddha Day theme.