Youth Leaders’ Training Programme

Youth Leaders’ Training Programme

This special leadership training programme is part of our effort to revitalize Buddhism in India.

From 27 February to 7 March 2018, Nalanda Buddhist Society will host the inaugural “Indian Buddhist Youth Leaders’ Training Programme” in Sri Serdang and Kuala Lumpur.  Nalanda is undertaking this important project in partnership with several Buddhist organizations in India as part of our long-term vision to propagate Buddha-Dhamma in its land of origin, and to revitalize the proper learning and practice of Buddhism there.

The “Leaders’ Training Programme” will begin on Tuesday, 27 February.  Nineteen specially selected youth leaders from India will participate in 9 days of training sessions, which include workshops on enhancing leadership capabilities; skills to organise activities; and effective communication with the public.  The youth leaders will also be guided in proper Dhamma-studies by Nalanda Institute lecturers, and learn meditation, too.

Nalanda youths having their final preparatory meeting to welcome their counterparts from India.

We hope the visiting youth leaders will be inspired by the rich heritage and culture of Buddhism, and return to India with much zeal to practise and propagate Buddha-Dhamma in their motherland.  May this wholesome endeavour bear great fruit for the future of Buddhism. May the Buddha-Sasana long endure!

The organising team having their weekly discussions in January 2018.