Nalanda Institute Malaysia

Nalanda Institute Malaysia (NIM) was conceptualised in January 2006 in response to the needs of the Buddhist community to have an institution for proper, systematic and holistic learning of the Buddha-Dhamma in Malaysia. The then Spiritual Advisor to Nalanda Buddhist Society, Venerable Dr. Kirinde Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Thera gave his unequivocal support to the idea.

Nalanda Institute was formally established on 1 July 2007.  Dr. Tan Ho Soon was appointed the Institute’s Founding Director for a 3-year term.  On 1 July 2010, Mr Vijaya Samarawickrama succeeded Dr. Tan as Director for an extended term of 4 years.  On 1 July 2014, Mr Tan Siang Chye assumed the Directorship, becoming the third Director of Nalanda Institute.


Nalanda Institute provides various courses in Buddhist and Pāli Studies leading to Certificate and Diploma levels, as well as short training courses to enhance leadership and management skills for Buddhist volunteers. All the courses are freely available to the public in line with the Institute’s charitable objectives.

Other focal areas of the Institute include Conferences, Symposiums, Educational Tours, Pilgrimage and Buddhist Publications.

Off-campus Courses

Besides Nalanda Centre in Selangor, the Institute’s courses have also been held in Kedah, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur, Sabah, Sarawak and Terengganu, in collaboration with local Buddhist organizations.  In April 2013, the first overseas courses under Nalanda Institute was held in Singapore.  As of July 2015, more than 10,300 participants have benefited from the Institute’s courses, study tours and conferences.

Nalanda Institute’s Institutional Roles

  1. Defender of the Doctrine – To propagate the correct doctrines of the original teachings and to establish them as mainstream Buddhism.
  2. Promoter of Buddhist (Pāli) Studies – To arouse and sustain the interest of the community in Buddhist Studies.
  3. Promoter of Research & Publications – To promote further research and publications on Buddhist Studies in the Pāli tradition.
  4. Centre of Creativity & Innovation – To promote creative thinking and innovative applications of Buddhist principles in various fields and modern lifestyles.
  5. Voice for Buddhism – To become a “Voice for Buddhism” in Malaysia by issuing public statements and presenting Buddhist views on various issues affecting society at large.
  6. Institute of Standards – To establish standards pertaining to Buddhist (Dhamma) Schools, Management in Education, Library Management and Publications.


  1. To promote & facilitate the study, research and propagation of Buddhist teachings in the Pāli tradition.
  2. To offer short, medium and long-term courses up to Diploma level to the public.


Courses Available:

BPS 001 Buddhist Studies in Mandarin General
BPS 021 Three-hour Tipitaka Tour
BPS 031 Buddhist Devotional Practice
BPS 032 Buddhist Devotion Series “Walking the Buddhist Path”
BPS 053 Historical Development of Buddhist Scriptures
BPS 068 True Significance of WESAK
BPS 111 Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta Commentarial Course
BPS 121 Introduction to Tipitakā – Tour of the Digha Nikaya
BPS 123 Introduction to Tipitakā – Tour of the Samyutta Nikaya
BPS 124 Introduction to Tipitakā – Tour of the Anguttara Nikaya
BPS 133 Ratana Sutta Discourse on Precious Jewels
BPS 136 Metta Sutta Discourse on Loving-kindness
BPS 137 Ālavaka Sutta Discourse to Alavaka
BPS 138 Mangala Sutta Discourse on Highest Blessings
BPS 139 Parabhava Sutta Discourse on Causes of Downfall
BPS 141 Dhammapada The Fool & The Wise
BPS 142 Dhammapada The Twin Verses
BPS 143 Dhammapada The Flower of Mankind
BPS 144 Dhammapada The Path to Liberation
BPS 145 Dhammapada Rare is the Occurrence
BPS 211 Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta Study Workshop
BPS 212 Anattalakkhana Sutta Study Workshop
BPS 271 Satipatthāna Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop
BPS 272 Samatha & Vipassana Sutta Study With Meditation Workshop
BPS 301 Certificate in Buddhist Studies General
BPS 302 Certificate in Buddhist Studies 2013 General
BPS 401 Higher Certificate in Buddhist Studies
BPS 402 Higher Certificate in Buddhist Studies 2014


  1. To promote & facilitate the study, research and adoption of Buddhist principles of Leadership & Management.
  2. To offer courses up to Diploma level to the public in Buddhist leadership principles and management studies.
  3. To establish & maintain a Think-tank as an Innovation & Vision Centre for the Malaysian Buddhist Community.


Courses Available:

LMS 122 Volunteer Training Programme
LMS 2141 Managing a Dharma Centre Module 1 & 2
LMS 2142 Managing a Dharma Centre Module 3 & 4
LMS 231 Effective Management for Buddhist Organizations Human Capital
LMS 232 Effective Management for Buddhist Organizations Human Capital Development
LMS 271 Buddhist Principles of Leadership & Governance
LMS 274 Buddhist Social Action
LMS 275 Effective Management of Human Capital in Buddhist Organization
LMS 276 The Four-Factor Model of Leadership Effectiveness (Part 1) Profile of an Effective Buddhist Leader
LMS 277 The Four-Factor Model of Leadership Effectiveness (Part 2) Leadership Styles that Create a Climate of Excellence
LMS 278 Leadership Effectiveness (Part 3) Managing Effective Relationship with EQ
LMS 331 Effective Training & Development Understanding the Psychology of Training
LMS 3511 Effective Training & Development Make Your Training Effective
LMS 3512 Effective Training & Development Analyzing Your Target Audience
LMS 361 Effective Training & Development Designing Your Training
LMS 3631 Effective Training & Development Delivering Your Training (Part 1)
LMS 3632 Effective Training & Development Delivering Your Training (Part 2)
LMS 441 Certificate in Teaching (in Dharma School)
LMS 4411 Philosophy of Education
LMS 4412 Class Management
LMS 4413 Leadership in Education
LMS 4414 Counseling in Education
LMS 4415 Education Technology
LMS 4416 Educational Psychology
LMS 4417 Ethics in Education
LMS 442 Certificate in Teaching in Dharma School With practical component

External Courses

EXT 207 Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse


Study & Educational Tours

SET 012 Study Tour to Borobudur, Yogjakarta, Solo 2008
SET 014 Study Tour to Borobudur & Yogjakarta 2009
SET 016 Study Tour to Borobudur & Yogjakarta 2010
SET 018 Study Tour to Borobudur & Yogjakarta 2012
SET 020 Study Tour to Borobudur & Yogjakarta 2013
SET 202 Study Tour to Sri Lanka 2012
SET 402 Study Tour to Bujang Valley 2014
SET 501 Pilgrimage to India & Nepal 2009
SET 504 Pilgrimage & Study Tour to India & Nepal 2010
SET 506 Pilgrimage to India & Nepal 2012