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20 February 2024

“Tea-Offering Ceremony’ & Sunday Morning Service

We joyfully invite you and your loved ones to join us this Sunday 25 February for the annual “Tea-Offering Ceremony” and Gratitude Day, in conjunction with the Lunar New Year.  Hosted by Nalanda Dhamma School, this endearing tradition gives us an opportunity to express our appreciation to our parents, teachers and elders for their support and care. 

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19 February 2024

Reflecting on Lunar New Year celebrations

Just yesterday, members and devotees gathered at Nalanda Centre for the first Sunday Morning Service of the new lunar year.  Whilst still amid reunions and festivities, everyone reflected on how they had spent this holiday and the qualities which we adopt to make it more meaningful, with the guidance of Sis. Buddhini Tan.

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18 February 2024

Pindacāra & Dhamma chat with Ven. Tan Chao Khun Samai

Join us this coming Saturday 24 February, on the full-moon day of the month Māgha, for a special programme with Phra Thepsilaporn, fondly known as Ven. Tan Chao Khun Samai.  We will start this auspicious day cultivating generosity in the morning pindacara led by Ven. Tan Chao Khun Samai at the O.U.G. market at 8.30am, and adjourn to Nalanda Book Café in Sri Petaling for a Dhamma chat.   You may bring along cooked food and fruits for offering.  All are welcome to join.

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15 February 2024

Nalanda Centre reopens today

Nalanda Centre, Youth Centre and Pustaka Nalanda in Sri Serdang reopens today after the week-long Lunar New Year celebrations.  Do join us for the first programme of the year this Sunday 18 February for the Morning Service which starts at 9am with meditation, chanting, and a Dhamma talk by Sis. Buddhini Tan.  Youths of ages 18 to 28 are invited to join the Youth Sunday Service.  We look forward to welcome you at Nalanda Centre!

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12 February 2024

8 ways to embed gratitude in our daily lives

Readily Express Gratitude to Others: Regularly express appreciation to friends, family, colleagues, and others we know. A kind word or a gesture of acknowledgment can go a long way in strengthening interpersonal connections and build positive, harmonious relationships.

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10 February 2024

Wishing you a joyful Lunar New Year

On this first day of the New Lunar year, Nalanda wishes you and your loved ones the blessings of good health, happiness and harmony.  In this time of festivities and reunions, let us also embed gratitude, care and love in all that we, so that we create conditions for joyful and meaningful celebrations. To friends who are travelling home, we wish you safe journeys.  新年快乐!

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9 February 2024

Happiness through gratitude this New Lunar Year

The Lunar New Year of the Dragon is tomorrow and Chinese communities around the world are celebrating with family reunions and gatherings from tonight.  In this festive season, we share with you this series on “Happiness through gratitude”.  May we be catalysts to bring about joy and harmony this festive season. 

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8 February 2024

Youths learn about mindfulness with Bro. Jeff Oliver

On Sunday 28 January, youths gathered at Nalanda Youth Centre to learn from Bro. Jeff Oliver, a Vipassana meditation teacher.  Bro. Jeff shared the importance of maintaining mindfulness in our daily lives as much as we can, in order to train the mind to stay in the present moment.  This helps us to gradually understand the realities of life, and greatly enables our progress in meditation.

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7 February 2024

Joyful Pindacāra (Alms Round)

On Saturday 3 February, members and volunteers gathered for the monthly Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) at OUG and Happy Garden markets.  Amongst the hustle and bustle of pre-new year preparations, devotees and stall operators were eager to perform the meritorious deed of making offerings to the Sangha.

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6 February 2024

Nalanda Centre closed for Lunar New Year

We would like to inform you that Nalanda Centre, Youth Centre and Pustaka Nalanda (the Library) in Sri Serdang will be closed for a week from Wednesday 7 February to the following Wednesday, 14 February for the Lunar New Year holidays. The Centre and Library will reopen on Thursday, 15 February at 10am. We wish everyone a joyous celebration of Lunar New Year! May you and your loved ones be well and happy always.

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