There are many Buddhist centres dotting the Klang Valley; but not all centres are alike. Some centres provide devotional services, while some others provide guidance on meditation and general understanding on Buddhism. Larger centres provide most services and learning resources devotees need, including Buddhist courses, libraries, meditation classes, as well as religious practice. Centres with resident monks are also known as ‘monasteries’.

Nalanda Buddhist Society belongs to the Pāli School of Buddhism, which is closely related to the Theravada School that later developed in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand.  Pāli was the language used by the earliest Buddhist communities 2600 years ago, and is today the canonical language of the Theravada School as well.

Click below to visit the websites of major Theravada Buddhist organisations/monasteries in Malaysia.

Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia
Buddhist Maha Vihara
Bandar Utama Buddhist Society
Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple
Subang Jaya Buddhist Association
Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary
Vihara Buddha Gotama