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    Welcome to Nalanda Buddhist Society's website. We hope you enjoy this virtual visit, and stay in touch with our regular updates.

  • Nalanda Centre temporarily closed

    Nalanda Centre will be temporarily closed until further notice in line with the full lockdown in Malaysia. May you and your loved ones stay well and safe. Let's curb this pandemic together.

  • ‘Dhamma Day’ B.E. 2565

    On the full-moon day of Asalha month, we commemorate the momentous occasion when the ‘Wheel of Dhamma’ was first set in motion. On this blessed day take time to reflect on our own spiritual aspirations, and fill our hearts with deep gratitude for the opportunity to learn the Buddha-Dhamma.

  • Special Forum on Dhamma Day

    An inspiring Dhamma Forum was held live on 25 July exploring the theme “Living Life with Purpose”. You can view the playback of this session on our Nalanda Facebook page.

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  • Observing the Gimhāna Retreat

    Nalanda members dedicate themselves to systematic Dhamma learning and practice for seven weeks until Dhamma Day Observance. Find out more in our new webpage in the link below.

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  • Join us as a volunteer

    Whether you are studying or working, young or retired, if you believe in doing good and giving back to society, we warmly welcome you!

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News & Updates

24 July 2021

‘Dhamma Day’ Buddhist Era 2565

For seven weeks after the Buddha’s Enlightenment, He contemplated on the Dhamma with His perfectly clear faculty of comprehension.  Then, He travelled for seven days from Bodhgaya to Sarnath, where He preached the First Sermon (the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta) to the Five Ascetics in Isipitana two full-moons after His Enlightenment.

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23 July 2021

“Let the Games begin!”

After an unprecedented year of delay due to the pandemic, the XXXII Olympiad commences today in Tokyo, Japan. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (2020 东京奥运) will be held largely behind closed doors with no public spectators permitted out of precautionary measures.

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21 July 2021

The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose

Psychologists and social scientists report that having and recognising one’s purpose in life enables one to live more meaningfully.  This is because those who have clear goals to attain steer their life decisions with confidence, direction and focus.  This is more so if that goal carries a noble purpose, such as those that revolve around philanthropy, compassion and selflessness. 

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18 July 2021

Dhamma Forum on ‘Living life with purpose’

‘Dhamma Day’ commemorates the preaching of Buddha’s first discourse after His Enlightenment, where He taught His initial disciples the fundamental teachings of ‘Four Noble Truths’.  To commemorate this auspicious occasion, we will host a Dhamma Forum titled ‘Living Life with Purpose’ on Sunday, 25 July at 9.30am.

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