• Nalanda welcomes you

    Welcome to Nalanda Buddhist Society’s website. We hope you enjoy this virtual visit, and stay in touch with our regular updates.

  • Gimhāna Retreat 2018

    We welcome everyone to learn and understand the Dhamma progressively through communal and personal practice during the 7-week Gimhāna Retreat from 13 June to 29 July.

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  • Monks on Alms-round

    We invite you to join our next alms-round on Saturday 21 July, in Seri Kembangan Jalan Besar and Pasar Rakyat markets, starting at 8.30am. All are welcome.

  • Dhamma-Living Camp for Young Adults

    Understand suffering and suffer less at this potentially life-changing camp. Registration is open to young adults aged 18 – 29.

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  • Ajahn Chah Day

    17 June 2018 marks the centenary of the late Ajahn Chah's birth. We humbly pay tribute to this great teacher whose teachings have touched the lives of millions throughout the world.

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  • Help build our school

    Sponsor the construction cost of ‘K. Sri Dhammananda Centre’ to cater for the expansion of Dhamma classes for youths, teenagers, and children.

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  • Towards a brighter future, together

    Let us together develop an integrated centre of education and training for the Malaysian Buddhist community.

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News & Updates

18 July 2018

Dhamma-Living Camp for Youths

Today’s fast-paced urban lifestyles with their myriad distractions lead people to mental suffering, most commonly stress and dissatisfaction.  Many risk having debilitating mental illness without early, positive intervention.  The causes of mental suffering however, can actually be eradicated when we understand them better.

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17 July 2018

Remembering the victims of MH17

4 years ago today, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 took off from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport at 12.31pm local time on its return leg to Kuala Lumpur.  3 hours later, the Boeing 777 was shot down over Eastern Ukraine, causing the loss of all 298 innocent lives on board.  Sadly, no party was held accountable for the terrorist attack until today.  Justice is still not served.

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16 July 2018

20 more days to Family Fun Fair!

Nalanda’s popular annual Family Fun Fair in Sri Serdang returns on Sunday, 5 August 2018, a mere 20 days away!  This year, we aim to raise funds to construct ‘Wisdom Park’ – a campus to train future Buddhist teachers and leaders who are pivotal to the development of Malaysian Buddhism.

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4 July 2018

A pillar of support for Buddha-Sāsana

At Wisdom Park, we are building facilities to train future Buddhist leaders and lay Dhamma teachers.  The growth and development of Malaysian Buddhism depends on the availability of these two essential factors – good leaders and effective teachers.

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