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    Nalanda Centre will be temporarily closed until further notice in line with the full lockdown in Malaysia. May you and your loved ones stay well and safe. Let's curb this pandemic together.

  • Observing the Gimhāna Retreat

    Nalanda members dedicate themselves to systematic Dhamma learning and practice for seven weeks until Dhamma Day Observance. Find out more in our new webpage in the link below.

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  • New Dhamma content on Wesak website

    The website features videos, articles, chanting recordings, and inspiring stories to help us understand more about the Buddha and His teachings. Do share this website with your friends and family too!

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    Whether you are studying or working, young or retired, if you believe in doing good and giving back to society, we warmly welcome you!

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News & Updates

23 June 2021

Develop wholesome habits

Have you been putting aside meditation or reading a Dhamma book because it was easier to binge-watch TV?  We may even have held on to feelings of anger, frustration and jealousy because it feels more ‘righteous’ than forgiving and letting go.  Our old habits and tendencies form the path of least resistance, but we must remember that this route blurs our minds and weaken our resolve.  Instead, we should cultivate “Aditthana” – determination to persevere for a noble goal despite the difficulties.

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20 June 2021

Happy Father’s Day

Today, we celebrate fathers around the world who uphold their duty to provide, protect and support us.  They lift us up and show us the way to be good, upright and honest citizens of the world.  Let us recollect the love our fathers have afforded us and honour them with our affection and gratitude.  We wish all fathers “Happy Father’s Day”.

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17 June 2021

Birth anniversary of Ajahn Chah

17 June 2021 marks the 103rd birth anniversary of the late Venerable Ajahn Chah Subhaddo. We humbly pay tribute to this great monk whose life and teachings inspired countless people, monks and laity alike.

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13 June 2021

Gimhāna – A time to know ourselves

In the annual Nalanda Gimhāna Retreat, Nalandians are encouraged to deepen our understanding and cultivation of Dhamma. Watch this video to learn more about this seven-week retreat which starts today.

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