• Nalanda welcomes you

    Welcome to Nalanda Buddhist Society’s website. We hope you enjoy this virtual visit, and stay in touch with our regular updates.

  • National Members’ Convention

    Nalanda will be holding the 5th National Members’ Convention in Sri Serdang for three days starting 29 April. All members are invited to attend.

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  • Fly our flag

    Fly our iconic Buddhist Flag this sacred month of ‘Vesakha’. Proudly display the banner of Buddhist unity, religious harmony, and global peace at our homes and work places!

  • Big ‘thank you’ to everyone!

    We thank Nalanda e-Run sponsors, volunteers, and participants for contributing towards a successful run today! Well done everyone.

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  • WACANA Buddhist Conference

    Malaysian premier Buddhist Conference will be held on 1 July 2017 in Subang, Selangor. Click below for more information and to register.

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  • Dhamma talks at BMV

    Nalanda Achariyas Bro. Tan and S. Vijaya will be giving a series of talks at the Buddhist Maha Vihara, Kuala Lumpur.

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  • Next Alms-round

    We invite you to join our next alms-round on Saturday 6 May, in Taman OUG and Happy Garden, starting 8.30am. All are welcome.

  • Towards a brighter future, together

    Let us together develop an integrated centre of education and training for the Malaysian Buddhist community.

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News & Updates

26 April 2017

‘Dhammapada’ teaching on 28 April

Nalanda founder Bro.Tan will be giving another teaching on the ‘Dhammapada’ at the Buddhist Maha Vihara this Friday, 28 April.  We invite everyone to come and learn this illuminating and essential collection of Buddha’s teachings in its original Pāli text, and hear inspiring stories of how they came about.

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26 April 2017

Fly the iconic Buddhist Flag

Today is the beginning (New-moon day) of ‘Vesakha’ – the month commemorating Buddha’s Enlightenment 2,606 years ago.  We invite everyone to join us at Nalanda Centre for chanting, meditation and Dhamma talk this evening starting at 8.00pm.

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25 April 2017

Dhamma enriches our spiritual path

Report by Megan.

On the Full-moon Uposatha of 12 March, Nalandians and devotees dedicated the whole day to cultivating their minds at Nalanda Centre.  The day was designated a ‘Dhamma-Sarana Day’; the programme included the observance of Eight-Precepts, Dhamma teachings by venerable monks, and meditation sessions.

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24 April 2017

Installation of 15th YDP Agong

Nalanda Buddhist Society members celebrate the official installation of His Majesty Sultan Muhammad V as the 15th Yang DiPertuan Agong of Malaysia, today.

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