• Gimhāna Retreat

    In this year’s ‘Gimhāna Retreat’, we shall be exploring ways to achieve tranquility despite all the uncertainties in life.

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  • Happy Buddha Day

    Nalanda Buddhist Society wishes all devotees worldwide a joyful and meaningful celebration of Buddha’s Day of Enlightenment on 7 May. Let us welcome the Buddhist Era 2564 with tranquility in the face of global uncertainty.

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  • New website for Wesak

    We are grateful to announce the launching of a new website dedicated to ‘Buddha Day’ 2020 Celebration. Please visit www.wesak.org.my

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  • Virtual Exhibition

    Nalanda Dhamma School students present a creative “virtual exhibition” using Doodle Art to discuss mental well-being and how to achieve it. Click here to see their ingenious work.

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  • Happy Nalanda Day

    1 May 2020 marks the 17th Anniversary of Nalanda’s establishment in 2003. We thank all our teachers, members and benefactors who have contributed to our growth over the years.

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  • Towards a brighter future, together

    Let us together develop this centre of education and training for the benefit of the Malaysian Buddhist community.

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  • Join us as a volunteer

    Whether you are studying or working, young or retired, if you believe in doing good and giving back to society, we warmly welcome you!

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News & Updates

1 June 2020

Let’s play our part to end the pandemic

Over 6 million people globally have been infected by the Covid-19 pandemic to-date, and more than 370,000 people have died.  While many parts of the world are still in lock-down, several countries are now experiencing a decline in infections after months of combating the disease.  However, even as some governments look towards easing restrictions and resuming economic activities, a few countries that had flattened the curve are reporting a second wave of infections.

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29 May 2020

The world is changing; but is it only now?

The term ‘new norm’ is the latest catchphrase around, as people come to terms with the need to turn our comfort zone inside out, to control the global Covid-19 pandemic.  You may know someone who said with a heavy sigh, “Life as we know it will never be the same, the world is changing…”.

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27 May 2020

Obituary – Venerable E. Indaratana

It is with a heavy heart that we mark the passing away of Most Venerable Elgiriya Indaratana Maha Thera early this morning.  He was the abbot of Mahindārama Buddhist Temple, the oldest Sri Lankan Vihāra in Penang.

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25 May 2020

Anchoring our lives with conviction

In this talk delivered in early May, Director of Nalanda Institute Achariya Tan Siang Chye explains the importance of cultivating faith, and how we can anchor our spiritual practice and progress with this essential quality.

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