10 Years On – We Remember the Tohoku Tragedy

10 Years On – We Remember the Tohoku Tragedy


As the world grapples with a global pandemic, let us also not forget the victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Eastern Japan 10 years ago today, on 11 March 2011.

The catastrophic 9.0 magnitude earthquake caused widespread damages and triggered a powerful tsunami that wiped out entire towns and communities.  The tsunami also flooded the Fukushima nuclear power plant, triggering the worst nuclear meltdown since the Chernobyl disaster.  The tragedy led to staggering effects :

  • 15,894 people lost their lives
  • 6,156 people were injured
  • 2,546 people went missing
  • 127,290 buildings collapsed totally
  • 272,788 buildings partially collapsed
  • 747,989 buildings were damaged
  • US$235 billion in economic losses – the most costly natural disaster in history.

The earthquake-triggered tsunami left a trail of destruction that Tohoku communities are still struggling to recover from.

A decade later, Tohoku communities are still struggling to rebuild themselves, but while Japan’s scars of grief and loss can never truly heal, the affected communities must nevertheless work towards the future with fortitude.

Let us take a moment to spare thoughts of compassion for the victims of this enormous calamity and pray for those who perished.  May they rest in Peace, and may their loved ones have the strength to forge ahead in life.  To the people of Japan, our thoughts are with you.