2017 Nalanda Award for Dhammaduta

2017 Nalanda Award for Dhammaduta

2017 Nalanda Award recipient – Dr. Wong Yin Onn.

2017 Nalanda Award recipient – Dr. Wong Yin Onn from Johor Bahru.

On 1 July 2017, Nalanda Institute Malaysia had the honour of conferring the ‘2017 NALANDA AWARD FOR DHAMMADUTA’ to Dr. Punna Wong Yin Onn.  Dr. Wong started serving the Buddha-Sāsana actively in the year 2000.  Since 2004, he has been leading weekly Dhamma-sharing sessions at Mettā Lodge Buddhist Society in Johor Bahru.  In 2016, he published a book titled “Walking in the Buddha’s Footprint, 100 Reflective Essays”, a collection of Dhamma lessons and experience he encountered in the past two decades.

Over the years, Dr. Punna Wong has left his own footprints not just in Malaysia, but also in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, guided by a mission to propagate the Dhamma especially to youths by allowing them a glimpse of essential Buddhism.  In this respect, he encouraged his medical students to set up the Clinical School Buddhist Society which today actively shares the Dhamma with new and senior undergraduates alike.

We salute the selfless contributions of Dr. Wong Yin Onn over the past 17 years, and also rejoice in his achievements in bringing the Buddha-Dhamma closer to the community, especially in Johor Bahru.  May he and his family be blessed with good health and energy to continue serving the Buddha-Sāsana for many decades to come.  Sādhu ānumodanā!