“A Buddhist Reflects on Spirituality”

“A Buddhist Reflects on Spirituality”

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Book title : A Buddhist Reflects on Spirituality
Author : Vijaya Samarawickrama
ISBN : 983-40339-3-1
Topic : Concepts, Teachings and Practice
Reviewer : Sis. Chin Chooi Kim


When we speak of spirituality, people often relate it to religion.  However, spirituality is more than that; it is a whole manner of living often to reduce one’s dependence on materialism, so as to gain ultimate happiness.  Buddhism is not about mere beliefs or blind faith, but is often touted as a way of life.  It emphasizes the gradual, incremental practice of generosity, morality, and mental cultivation, whereby the practitioner overcomes ignorance by wisdom.

Spiritual and devotional practice would be even more beneficial when it is accompanied by right understanding.  By having right understanding through learning Dhamma (Pariyatti), and practising it well (Patipatti), one will finally experience (Pativedha) the happiness which is ‘Dhamma’.  However walking the path and to perfect one’s attainment requires one’s own effort, as no god or being can grant salvation to another.

Easy to do are things, that are bad and harmful to oneself,
But exceedingly hard to do, are things that are good and beneficial. ~ Dhammapada v. 163


Everyone is invited to meet with the author of this booklet, Mr. Vijaya Samarawickrama, during the “Meet-the-Author Session” on 16 March 2013, 3.00pm – 4.30pm, at Nalanda Centre.  This is an opportunity to ask questions and clarify doubts on the role of spirituality in Buddhism.  Don’t miss it!  All are welcome.