A Joyful Skill Learning Workshop

A Joyful Skill Learning Workshop

Mr. Teoh shared, "Be an active learner."

On Sunday 9 March, Nalanda Free School organised an interactive Skill Learning Workshop to introduce skills and techniques to enhance Secondary School students’ ability to self-learn, using Mathematic as a learning tool. We were honoured to have Mr. Teoh Hee Chong, a Psychology lecturer from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and New Era College to conduct this workshop.

The workshop was skillfully designed with interesting group exercises to encourage the students to explore active learning techniques.  Participants were delighted to discover a variety of learning possibilities with Mr. Teoh’s creative approaches. These techniques are applicable to Mathematics as well as to other subjects.

Participants working together to solve an exercise.

We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Teoh and the facilitators of Nalanda Free School for their help and support. The students benefitted immensely from this exciting workshop and most of them now have a new passion for Mathematics!  Well done!

A group photograph after the interactive workshop.