A new experience for new Buddhists

A new experience for new Buddhists

We thank all Dhamma speakers, participants and volunteers who have made this retreat a fruitful experience for so many.

On 1 to 2 October, 60 participants and volunteers of the recently completed courses – BPS 104 Buddhist Studies in Mandarin and Svagatam Inspiring Programme joined a two-day retreat at Wisdom Park to deepen their Dhamma learning and experience aspects of the Buddhist way of life.

In the Dhamma talks, Sis. Nandini Tan shared the importance of cultivating generosity (dāna), morality (sīla) and development of the mind (bhāvanā) as the foundation for a wholesome life.  She also expounded on how the support of good spiritual friends and an attitude of gratitude towards those around us, eases our journey to cultivate our mind.

We rejoice in the spirit of learning and service of the participants as well as volunteers in this joyful retreat.  Let us together progress in Dhamma for our well-being and the happiness of many beings.  For more photos, please click here.

To start the retreat, everyone joined the morning chanting.

Prior to the start of the morning activity, participants formed groups and were given briefings to prepare for the service.

After each tree is planted, we will chant blessings and water the tree, wishing that they will grow well and be a refuge for many beings.

A team mixed soil, sand and organic materials to prepare for planting.

Although turfing is new to the participants, they happily learned the steps and joined in without complaint.

Sis. Nandini shared the practice of reflection before meals and to thank those who have prepared the food.

On the first day, Sis. Nandini shared how we can inculcate the basic practices of dāna, sīla and bhāvanā into our daily life.

Participants learned and practised chanting in Pali with Sis. Sandy.

Sis. Sua led a guided meditation in the evening, after the chanting.

The morning meditation and chanting was held at one of the pavilions at Wisdom Park.

Sis. Nandini gave a Dhamma sharing on living harmoniously as a community.

Participants performed simple sketches to illustrate how they overcome challenges in Dhamma learning and practice.

Although the retreat was only for two-days, participants rejoiced over their experience and were inspired to continue learning as well as to serve.

Dhamma School students joined the retreat with their parents and performed wholesome service whilst having fun with their friends.

Everyone came together to do service after meals, making the work lighter and happier for all.