A Spiritual & Spirited Start to Family Fun Fair

A Spiritual & Spirited Start to Family Fun Fair

The sun was out complementing the azure sky, greeting all visitors to Nalanda's Family Fun Fair 2013!

Nalanda Family Fun Fair started at 7am yesterday with the opening of the Volunteer Counter to register helpers. A stream of volunteers had arrived at dawn, all eager to contribute their time and effort to help ensure that the Fun Fair becomes a successful event!

The Volunteer Counter opened at 7am, with Nalandians queuing up to offer their services for the day.

As customary before any of our events, Nalandians gathered at the Shrine Hall to take part in Invocation, Puja, and Chanting. Honorary Secretary Sis. Buddhini Tan then reminded all volunteers on their roles in serving the public with friendliness, decorum and discipline.

The customary start to Nalanda events - with Invocation, Puja, and Chanting.

The Fun Fair was launched at 10am, with Nalanda Dharma School students and youths leading the congregation in reciting the Opening Gatha and Salutations. President Bro. Lee Kong Foo then gave a welcoming speech, before formally launching the Fair. Even before the official start of ‘market’, there were already more than 1,000 people crowding around the Nalanda field waiting to buy food and fresh produce.  It was indeed a spiritual and spirited start to the Family Fun Fair 2013!

A large crowd of more than 1,000 had gathered at the field even before the launch of 'market' at 10am.