Another fruitful session of “Dhamma Chat”

Another fruitful session of “Dhamma Chat”

Sis. Sandy facilitating the "Dhamma Chat" session.

The ‘kalyana mitta’ graduates of BPS302 met for another fruitful session of “Dhamma Chat” on 15 February.  Following the long Lunar New Year celebrations and family reunions, the topic of discussion evolved around what constitute real “blessing” and “auspiciousness”.

Participants shared their personal views on the topic – some mentioned that we should count our blessings by being grateful and appreciative; others mentioned that ‘blessings’ depend on fulfilling of our changing needs at different stages of life.

Participants sharing their personal views on real “blessing” and “auspiciousness”.

The session ended with reference to the Buddha’s teaching in ‘Mangala Sutta’, where 38 highest blessings were enumerated for our guidance.  The Nalanda ‘Six Well-beings’, where happiness should be attained in a balanced and holistic way, were also re-emphasized as our objectives in life.

The ‘mittas’ will come forward to participate in “Nalanda Walkathon 2014” on 16 March, either as participants or volunteers in the charity event.  We invite all former BPS 302 graduates to also join us in promoting physical and social well-being, and at the same time, contribute towards fund-raising for future educational programmes at Nalanda.