‘BFI House’ officially launched

‘BFI House’ officially launched

Ibu Lilian Halim, the Founder of BFI, was invited to cut the ribbon to officially launch ‘BFI House’.

On Sunday 4 May, Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia (BFI) officially launched its new centre – the “BFI House” – in a delightful ceremony. Located in the North Jakarta District of Kelapa Gading, the 4-storey centre houses an elegant shrine hall, a multi-purpose room, and ample space for future office and library.

Bro. Tan and 5 Nalanda officers were honoured by BFI’s invitation to attend the officiating ceremony. Together with Bro. Teo Yew Thong and Sis. Jaycelyn Bay of Singapore Buddhist Fellowship, the party of eight left for a 3-day official visit to BFI from 2 – 4 May.

Bro. Tan reciting the “Jaya Mangala Gatha” and “Jaya Paritta” at the officiating ceremony.

At the officiating event, Bro. Tan was requested to lead the ‘Paritta’ recitation before the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Bro. Tan was also honoured as the first Dhammaduta to deliver a talk at BFI House.

Bro. Tan giving the first Dhamma talk at the newly-launched centre; he spoke about the purpose of learning and practising the Dhamma, which is to liberate oneself from ignorance and clinging.

Nalandians are proud to be part of that joyous occasion that united spiritual friends across borders in the spirit of muditā, and unified by the singular aim of reverencing and propagating Buddha-Dhamma. We wish BFI members all the best in your noble endeavours. Let us continue to work in concert for the flourishing of Dhamma throughout Nusantara!

Members of BFI, Buddhist Fellowship Singapore, and Nalandians posing in front of the elegant Altar at an informal gathering on Friday, 2 May.


We thank BFI for sharing some photographs of the joyous occasion with Nalanda. Anumodantu.