BPS 204 study tour to Bujang Valley

BPS 204 study tour to Bujang Valley

We rejoice in the learning spirit of BPS 204 participants. May you continue to learn and embed the Dhamma in your daily living.

On the long holiday weekend of 11 to 13 November, Nalanda Institute Malaysia organised a special study tour for BPS204 – Intermediate-level Buddhist Studies in Mandarin participants to Bujang Valley, Kedah.  Participants from Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bharu and Sungai Petani explored the rich history of Buddhism in the north of the peninsula, led by Nalanda Institute Officer Sis. Sandy Lim.

Through the lively narrations, participants journeyed back to when traders sailed from India across the Bay of Bengal and built settlements in the Bujang Valley.  Proof of their culture and religious practice are found in the numerous ‘candi’ and artifacts which had been unearthed there.

Upon arrival at NEO Centre in Sungai Petani, the group was given a briefing to prepare them for the trips on the next day.

The group visited several archeological sites at Sungai Batu.

Artefacts found at the Sg. Batu area including an iron smelting furnace.

Learning about the ‘candi’ which was unearthed at Sg. Batu.

A group photo at Sg. Batu Archeological Site.

Learning about the ‘candi’ which were unearthed and relocated to the vicinity of the Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum.

At Tanjung Dawai, a place of interest to see where the traders had arrived from India.

We thank Nalanda Institute and our Sungai Petani Branch for organising this fascinating tour, as well as extend our congratulations to the participations for their diligence and efforts to learn Dhamma.  Sadhu anumodana!

On the second evening, the group gathered for their Graduation Ceremony.

Sis. Yin Yen hosted the ceremony.

Participants were given their certificate after successful completion of this intermediate course.

We thank our volunteers for their kind service.

Representatives from KL and JB branches express their gratitude to the SP Branch leaders for their kind hospitality.

We congratulate BPS 204 participants who had persevered and successfully completed the course.

An opportunity to receive words of advise from Ven. Piyadhammo.

Participants from KL took a group photo with Ven. Piyadhammo.

Participants from JB had an opportunity to visit Nandaka Vihara Meditation Society 法悦林禅修道场 in Bukit Mertajam, upon their early arrival in Sungai Petani.

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