‘Buddha Day’ theme to be announced

The ‘Buddha Day’ theme for 2020 (B.E.2564) will be launched on 30 April over “Facebook Live”.

Every year, a few days before Wesak Full-moon ‘Buddha Day’, a theme will be announced for that particular year’s celebration.  The purpose of having a theme is to focus devotees’ attention to an important aspect of Dhamma learning and practice that will help us grow spiritually.  The theme will subsequently be explained and elaborated upon in Dhamma talks over the entire year.


The ‘Buddha Day’ themes in the past few years were :

2015 – “Being a Good Practitioner & Good Friend

2016 – “A Life of Wisdom

2017 – “Buddha – Our Teacher & Refuge

2018 – “A Life of Humility, Modesty and Moderation

2019 – Living Compassionately towards Peace and Harmony


The ‘Buddha Day’ theme for 2020 (the Buddhist Era 2564) will be launched on Thursday (30 April) evening on “Facebook Live”.  We invite everyone to tune in to Nalanda Facebook at 8.50PM to find out, and also to listen to a Dhamma talk by Bro.Tan on how to achieve tranquility in the midst of change and uncertainties in life.  Thank you!