Buddhist community tours Wisdom Park on ‘Open Day’

Buddhist community tours Wisdom Park on ‘Open Day’

Groups led by the campus tour guides walking past Guest Lodge 1, the first building to be completed at Wisdom Park.

On 8 to 9 July, Nalanda members and volunteers joyfully welcomed members of the Buddhist community to Wisdom Park on its first ‘Open Day’.  From small families to groups travelling in busses, volunteers gladly hosted Sangha members, Buddhist leaders, Dhamma speakers, benefactors, volunteers and devotees totaling more than 800 on guided tours throughout the two days.

Our guests were introduced the development of Phase 1 and its programmes to-date, as well as future plans to cater to the rising demand for Buddhist education.  As at July 2023, the campus also welcomes Buddhist societies and groups to apply to utilise its facilities for programmes which are aligned with Wisdom Park’s objectives – to develop Buddhist leaders and Dhamma teachers, and to propagate Buddhist values and culture.

Visitors enjoyed the walk around the vast landscape of Wisdom Park.

Touring around the campus.

Every visitor is greeted by our hosts at Management Centre.

We thank our friends from Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society for coming for the ‘Open Day’.

With our good friends from Sungai Petani. Thank you for coming all the way to visit Wisdom Park!

We were also grateful to friends from Kelantan who made the effort to come and visit Wisdom Park on Open Day.

Let us together rejoice in the joyous gathering of kalyana mittas to glimpse the potential of Wisdom Park for the Buddhist community, and together realise these possibilities for the prolongation of the Buddha-Sāsana.  Sadhu anumodana.

We welcome our friends from Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia, Welfare section who travelled to KKB in a bus.

We happily welcome our neighbours from Kuan Yin Kok Temple, at KKB.

Participants of the ‘Entering the Stream’ Workshop also joined us for a tour at Management Centre during their break time.

Nalanda Youths wamly welcome youths from Gurun Buddhist Association.

Sis. Ovia takes a group down the park.

Joyful gathering of good friends.

The day started early in the morning with Achariya Abhivadana.

In the evening, volunteers regroup to rejoice in a good day’s service. Here, Sis. Buddhini conveys her appreciation to everyone for their efforts and care.

Sis. Nandini leads volunteers in the sharing of merits.

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