Buddhist Fellowship Youth Leaders visit Nalanda

Buddhist Fellowship Youth Leaders visit Nalanda

The Singapore BF Youths together with local Buddhists visited the Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum in Kedah.

Bright and energetic Youth Leaders and their mentors from the Buddhist Fellowship of Singapore visited Nalanda Centre from 14 to 18 June 2013 for their annual leadership retreat.  They chose to have their retreat here so that there can be cultural exchanges with Nalandian youths.  It was indeed a great choice as there were plenty of learning and sharing every day, as the youth leaders interacted amongst themselves and with Nalanda’s key-drivers.

Bro. Tan gave a talk on “The Essence and Importance of Buddhist Leadership”, which benefited not only the Singaporeans, but also the Nalandian leadership.  The talk was insightful and spirited, thereby inspiring everyone to become better leaders to the community.

In those 5 fruitful days, our Singaporean kin were taken on a whirlwind tour of Kedah, Perak and Kuala Lumpur.  The highlight of the tour was to the Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum and excavation site in Central Kedah.  Bro. Tan guided everyone marvellously with historical explanations and anecdotes at this oldest Buddhist archaeological site in Southeast Asia.

The group also took side-tours to Alor Setar, Sungai Petani, Taiping, and Kuala Lumpur, all the time with useful and insightful commentaries from Bro. Tan.  There were also a few interactive sessions with local Buddhist communities along the journey.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience for our earnest youth leaders and Nalandians alike.  With the success of this retreat, we can look forward to more similar programmes between Singaporean and Malaysian youth leaders in future.  Thank you for visiting Nalanda!